A highly usable app for stress-free communication for all ages and skills.

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Experiencing the digital world with ease

What is the AmigoBox?

AmigoBox is a very easy-to-use app for tablets that allows relatives to make video calls, share photo albums or send messages with their grandparents. With contactless, simple operation, even people who otherwise find technology difficult can participate in the digital world.

Why do we need something like this?

It is often difficult for some people to stay in regular contact with their family, especially when they are far away. It was therefore important to us to develop a user interface that can be used easily and without any prior technical knowledge.

This is included:

Video telephony

Seeing your family’s faces in real time is still the best. The AmigoBox can make video calls in HD quality.

Photo albums

Whether it’s photos and albums from the last family holiday or a quick snapshot from university. The perfect digital postcard for grandma and grandad.


When things need to move quickly, a short message is always welcome. Even without Whatsapp.

Here's how it works:

1. install AmigoApp

The AmigoApp is available free of charge for smartphones in the Google Playstore. The AmigoApp can be used to create family groups and manage them with Amigo cards.

2. create family group

Click through step by step:

1. accept data protection conditions and register.

2. enter your name and e-mail address and set a secure password.

3. retrieve the pin code from email. This may take a few minutes, please leave the app open in the meantime.

4. enter the pin code in the app and continue to log in.

5. log in with email and password.

6. if you don’t have any invitations yet, you should create a new family group now.

7. enter the name of the main user (e.g. grandma, grandad, … ). The family group is all about the person who will then use the AmigoBox.

8. invite relatives and friends (optional).

9. Yeah! You have done it. 🥳


3. install the AmigoBox app

The AmigoBox app can also be downloaded free of charge from the Google Playstore on the tablet.

Box 1
Box 2

Once the installation on the tablet is complete, the app can be set up in two minutes:

1. click log in.

2. look up the login details in your emails

3. enter login data.

4. done. The box is ready for the first test call!

Amigo Cards

With the Amigo Cards, you can view photo albums or start video calls completely without a touchscreen. Family members can link them individually using NFC technology. All you need is an NFC-enabled smartphone. And this is how it works:

Select an event in the AmigoApp

Link the card to an event

Label them as you wish

Place them on the AmigoBox - Done!

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Oma Eva beim testen der AmigoBox!

Our offers at a glance.


Kostenlos und doch werbungsfrei
gratis dauerhaft
  • kostenlos und werbefrei nutzen
  • AmigoApp für die Angehörigen
  • Gruppe mit bis zu 3 Mitgliedern
  • Eingeschränkte Nutzung *
  • ohne AmigoBox-Station

Family Abo

Ein Abo für die ganze Familie
15 pro Monat pro Familie
  • werbefrei
  • AmigoApp für die Angehörigen
  • Gruppe mit bis zu 12 Mitgliedern
  • Uneingeschränkte Nutzung *
  • ohne AmigoBox-Station


Family Abo inklusive AmigoBox-Station
15 pro Monat
+ 100 € einmalig
  • werbefrei
  • AmigoApp für die Angehörigen
  • Gruppe mit bis zu 12 Mitgliedern
  • Uneingeschränkte Nutzung *
  • inklusive AmigoBox-Station, Karten und Handbuch
The legal facts in a nutshell:
  • Mehr Details bei Price & Details
  • AmigoBox is operated by Sensatech GmbH
  • Rental of the advertised hardware and conclusion of an unlimited AmigoBox subscription
  • The price includes VAT per month
  • Shipping costs within Austria included

  • The statutory warranty provisions for consumers apply

  • Delivery time within 14 working days

  • Contract term: The subscription is concluded for an indefinite period and can be cancelled monthly until the end of the month

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